Ferro South Africa is the “Technology Based Performance Materials Company” who manufactures well respected global brands. Ferro South Africa prides itself as having an experienced management team, is the market leader in many niche markets, is strong and technically orientated with laboratories and technical support assistance.


Ferro South Africa is a leading manufacturer of high quality porcelain enamels, glaze frits, prepared glazes, compostos, zircon opacifiers, plastic masterbatches and VEDOC thermosetting powder coatings.

Originally part of Ferro Corporation in the United States of America, a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York stock exchange, Ferro was established in South Africa in 1946 and is now a wholly owned South African company.

Although now a completely independent company, Ferro South Africa has full access to Ferro US Corporation’s products and technology – through technical and distribution agreements. In addition Ferro South Africa benefits from the relationship through raw material procurement, access to speciality chemicals and ongoing support for our local manufacturing programme.

As well as the above cooperation Ferro South Africa has a technical and distribution agreement with Tiger Coatings for its VEDOC Powder Coating Division.

Black and white masterbatches are colour concentrates produced for the Plastic Industry. Ferro South Africa has been producing these products since 1970 and has dedicated production facilities for black and white.

Ferro started producing powder coatings in 1985, and is now a market leader. These coatings are used for coating metal articles to provide decorative and protective coatings.

Spectrum Ceramics was purchased by Ferro Industrial Products in 2006.

NCS Resins was acquired by Ferro Industrial Products in April 2012. NCS produces a wide range of unsaturated polyester resins, gelcoats and a variety of ancillary products related to fiberglass resin applications.

Arkema Resins was acquired by Ferro Industrial Products in December 2013 and changed its name to Ferro Coating Resins. Ferro Coating Resins specialises in the manufacture and distribution of resins and additives for the Paint Industry. Markets include the Architectural, Industrial, Construction and Adhesive Sectors. Product offerings include alkyds and modified alkyds, acrylics, styrene acrylic emulsions, pure acrylic emulsions, saturated polyesters, polyamides, rheology modifiers and surface modifiers.

In 2016, Ferro South Africa purchased the South African division of Synthomer PLC. Synthomer was renamed to Ferro Dispersions in keeping with the Ferro South Africa name and brand. Ferro Dispersions manufactures a broad range of speciality water-based polymeric dispersion products that are used in the Coatings, Construction, Adhesive and Textile Industry.

With worldwide experience we offer specialised coatings benefiting thousands of end users with technologically advanced products.

On 1 August 2018, The Ferro Group is integrated into the Bud Group underneath the chemicals and minerals pillar called Bud Chemicals and Minerals (previously called SynChem).

On 31 March 2023 the Chemfin leveraged MBO took place whereby, together with a select grouping of strategic South African shareholders of reference, Chemfin acquires 100% of Ferro South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (and CJP Chemicals and NCS SA), which were all previously owned by the Bud Group.

Ferro South Africa has full access to Ferro US Corporation’s products and technology – through technical and distribution agreements.